This year’s theme for STN:ORT 2022 is entitled Hospitality. It comes very naturally when thinking about Sztynort, and, let’s dare to say that everyone who knows Sztynort, will have a story to tell about encounters, local myths or historical events that involved some form of hospitality in and around Sztynort. Whether in the kitchen of a neighbour, in the port, on the yacht, or in the palace – this place has been a unique stage for practising an extremely colourful palette of hospitality encounters – throughout its long history, and at present.

In the sixth edition of Sztynort Festival, we’ll be exploring hospitality in theory and practice. And we would love you to be part of it. We’ll be giving chances to celebrate hospitality over heartwarming encounters and snacks, to feast on music performances and art exhibitions, to reinvestigate local histories and traditions of hospitality, to publicly discuss the uneasiness of some hospitality or the lack thereof, to discover and treasure nature’s hospitality.