Marta Wryk

Marta Wryk, a mezzo-soprano by education, with over 40 opera roles on stages in Europe and the USA, is also involved in civic education through art. She believes that artistic expression is something common to all people, so we should use it and try to strengthen it, thereby striving to create a more understanding and empathetic society. During the festival, we will be presented with a musical and cabaret project entitled "Modern Girl. A musical story about women in Poland and Germany in the interwar period.”

Today, this period seems to be a mirror reflecting the important contemporary questions: How did we develop, as citizens, the achievements of those times? What has survived and what has been lost?

Carefully listening to these cabaret songs, we will have the opportunity to answer these questions, as well as reflect on the social and political processes taking place around us.

The unusual formula of the concert combines the musical hits of those times performed by Marta Wryk and the composer and pianist Tomasz Prasqual, recognized in Poland and abroad, with a story told by Anna Kowalczyk, author of the bestseller "The Missing Half of History. A Short History of Women in Poland.” The concert is co-organized in cooperation with Europolis Köln e.V..

Ania Broda

Ania Broda is a composer, songwriter, arranger, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist using the white singing technique - a vocal technique typical of folk music. Already in high school, she was passionate about jazz and classical music. She spent many years working with Polish traditional music and has been composing her own original sounds for more than a decade. Since 2011, she has been recording and touring with her own and around-folk music projects. Many great pieces have been created in collaboration with bands such as Bractwo Ubogich, Kapela Brodow and the group Sploty. However, she does not forget about the youngest audience, to whom her numerous compositions are addressed.

Ms Anna works on a wide variety of original music, unique compositions inspired by traditional music, folk, jazz and many other original sounds. Her music does not set boundaries, she loves to combine the power of sung words with dynamic vocals and the magic of unobvious melodies. In the composer's own words: "I am inspired by beautiful poetry - especially the incalculable and enigmatic poetry in which the words resonate. In music, I look for moods, colours, mysteries. Each of my new albums is a separate fairy tale".

During the STN:ORT Festival you will have the opportunity to attend a concert by Ms Anna Brody. You will most likely meet her accompanied by one of her many fantastic instruments, such as the dulcimer.

Tomek YomaY Kapitańczyk (SZA!)

Tomek YomaY Kapitańczyk is a musician from Poznań who performs solo and in a duet, who is also the vocalist and guitarist of the band SZA !. He also had the opportunity to work in Poznań's Radio Afera, the oldest private radio station in the capital of Greater Poland. As a self-taught person, he always followed his interests, which helped him achieve numerous successes in his fields of interest, including music. Tomek has been awarded many times for his work, among others at festivals in Brwinów and Myślibórz, as well as at the Cabaret Song Festival in Poznań. He also participated in the Student Song Festival in Krakow. In addition, he took part in many events in Łęczyca, Szklarska Poręba, Rydzyń Podlaski, Oleśno, Dierżoniów, Kraków and other cities throughout the country!

As we have already mentioned, Tomek YomaY Kapitańczyk, apart from his solo and duo career, enjoys performing with the SZA! Band. In their compositions, they combine melodic jazz with a heavy guitar sound. Thanks to their original style, they create music that is hard to forget. The band has won numerous awards, such as the 1st place in the competition organized by Estrada Poznańska Nowe Nurty in 2015, a special mention during the 10th Wielkopolska Review of Guitar Bands in Mosina (during which the guitarist of SZA! Marek Baczyński was recognized as the best guitarist of the entire festival) or the 2nd place and the Audience Award at the 31st International Festival "We all sing rock" in Ostrów Wielkopolski.

Kwartet Wiejski

"Kwartet Wiejski" ("The Rural Quartet") was formed on the initiative of four enthusiasts, for whom rural tradition and the music of the Polish countryside derived from it are the direct and main inspiration in their creation. Although they are most fascinated by the melodies they encounter within their own country, they also draw on the musical traditions of other parts of Europe, including the culture of Jews and Roma and many ethnic groups. They never stop in their search, believing that each tradition still has much to tell us.

The musicians give concerts both at home and abroad. They consider the live transmission of folk traditions to be particularly valuable, adding dance and rituals to their performances. Each member of the ensemble has a large individual artistic output and has earned numerous musical awards. Each of them also have their individual areas of artistic exploration, creative inspiration and workshop activities.

During the Festival, we will have the pleasure to host members of "Kwartet Wiejski" , which include Alicja Hałas, Jacek Hałas, Robert Wasilewski and Ewa Wasilewska, who play on many rare instruments. Our guests will have the opportunity to listen to the sound of instruments such as the notch lyre, utegardon, shepherd's flutes and cymbals. We guarantee an atmosphere of old games taking place to the rhythm of the sounds of rural musicians' bands.